New tool to work with WWNN/WWPN

Really quick post here. 

To be honest, I'm doing this as much for my own use and to make life a bit easier for my customers as we work through setups. 

For a while now, I've been using a little local HTML/Javascript tool I made to add or remove colons and switch upper/lower case on WWPNs. Anyone that has done much work with multiple platforms where some require lowercase with colons and others want uppercase without colons knows the pain. 

There are plenty of these already available on the web, but in my quick search, I didn't find one to do exactly what I wanted, so I wrote this one to use offline. For example, I frequently copy a storage adapter WWPN from IBM i DSPHDWRSC or STRSST to Brocade switches or DS8000/FlashSystems storage platforms to create zoning or host groups. The WWPN you get from IBM i is all uppercase with no colons, while the Brocade switches want to get lowercase with colons. 

This tool will let you easily convert a WWN or list of WWNs to/from any combination of upper/lowercase or colons/no-colons. Bookmark the URL and use it whenever you need, or just come to the https:/ home page and use the permanent link on the right side of the screen, then stick around and read and comment on my latest blog post. 

If you'd also like to have a tool to use offline, this one does all of its work with HTML and embedded javascript.  I've made it available on my github repositoryYou can find the open source wwpncvt.html in the public repository at:

Download directly with:  Use Save As to get a local copy and run that without any internet connection.

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